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Miguel Coimbra
Miguel Cristovinho
Francisco Pereira



Let me clear your mind, my friend. This was the initial name of the pop / rap band of three friends Francisco Maria Pereira, Miguel Coimbra and, later, Miguel Cristovinho. The passion for music, the ability to play instruments and songwriting, and willpower caused the DAMA to play in two of the country's main stages in 2013 (Meo Sudoeste and Festas do Mar), when they were not even known to the great public. Since then, they have been conquering the Portuguese stages wherever they operate.


In July 2014, they opened for One Direction at Dragon Stadium in Oporto, proving they were able to snatch a crowd of fans and keep a whole stadium singing their songs.
With the first album, 'A Question of Principle' the DAMA became the revelation group of 2014, achieving the status of Double Platinum. Released in September of that year, 'A Question of Principle' went straight to No. 3 on the album chart, which was an incredible achievement for a debut album.
A Question of Principle 'also led the streaming of albums at Spotify in Portugal for more than six consecutive months. The album featured a number of hit singles such as 'Clumsy Ballad', 'Luísa' and 'Sometimes', which reached number one on the Singles chart.


The second album, 'Give Me a Second', released in 2015, reached Platinum status and definitively established D.A.M.A as the most beloved and admired Portuguese group.
Since then the band has performed more than 300 shows in Portugal, exhausting rooms such as the Pavilhão Multiusos de Guimarães (6,000 people), Campo Pequeno in Lisbon (10,000 people) and, more recently, Rock in Rio Portugal (more than 80,000 people ) and the MEO Arena in Lisbon, where more than 14,000 enthusiastic fans sang and danced throughout a two-and-a-half-hour concert.


Having spent the year between concerts and the studio, and two years after the release of the album "Give Me A Second", the D.A.M.A edited in the end of 2017 the third album of originals, "Side by Side". In this album the band explored a new sound and image, which pleased the public that made the album reach the status of Gold in 2 months.
This album featured hit singles such as "Oquelávai" which has more than 12 million views, and "Pensa Bem" which has more than 6 million views.
As in previous years, the band played in November in a solidarity concert, in their own name, where 100% of revenue reverted to an association that supports vulnerable women and babies. In this show the band touched for the first time the themes that integrate the album "Lado A Lado"



In 2018 the DAMA return to the road not only to present their latest singles such as "Oquelávai", "Pensa Bem", "Era Eu" and "Nasty" but also to remember together with the public their most popular songs, "A Ballad of the Clumsy "," Do not Give "and" No Matter "feat. Gabriel the thinker.